Maltese weightlifter Tenishia Thornton wins three gold medals at European Junior Championships

The 16-year-old's best lifts include 80kg in the Snatch and 96kg in the Clean and Jerk

Tenishia Thornton takes first place on the podium in Poland (Photo: Malta Weightlifting Association/Facebook)
Tenishia Thornton takes first place on the podium in Poland (Photo: Malta Weightlifting Association/Facebook)

Maltese weightlifter Tenishia Thornton will be bringing home three gold medals after a strong performance at the European Youth Championships in Poland.

Thornton competed in the U-17 55kg category, placing first in the Snatch, Clean and Jerk, and overall standings.

The 16-year-old successfully lifted 76kg, 78kg, and 80kg in the Snatch category. She went on to lift an impressive 96kg in the Clean and Jerk category, lifting a total 176kg in the overall standings.

Thornton placed first in each category, followed by Italy’s Celine Ludovica Delia who lifted 77kg in the Snatch and 95kg in the Clean and Jerk, with an overall 172kg.

Turkey’s Merve Ilden placed third after lifting 68kg in the Snatch and 88kg in the Clean and Jerk for a total 156kg.

Thornton’s coach Jesmond Caruana congratulated her on social media and celebrated the successful year she’s had in weightlifting.

“After winning three gold medals in the World’s, and a gold in the European Union championships. Now EWF European U17 Champion in the 55kg category,” he said. “Super proud of her achievements.”

Thornton was crowned Youth World Champion at the 2022 IWF Youth World Championships in Mexico, finishing in first place overall in the 55kg category.

In 2020, she had finished second overall in the Snatch and third in total when the same event was held online due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the Malta Weightlifting Association, this was one of Malta’s first world titles

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Kim Camilleri Lagana also struck gold this week after winning the U-15 weightlifting championships in the 40kg category.

The 14-year-old placed second in the Snatch category after successfully lifting 47kg and 49kg.

She went on to place first in the Clean and Jerk after lifting 60kg and 62kg. 

This allowed her to secure a gold medal in the overall standings, having successfully lifted a total 111kg.

Aysu Bektas from Turkey placed second overall after a best lift of 50kg in the Snatch and 60kg in the Clean and Jerk, for an overall 110kg.

In third place came Gabriela Chifiriuc from Romania, who had a best lift of 40kg in the Snatch and 49kg in the Clean and Jerk, lifting an overall 89kg.