[WATCH] Special Olympics athletes get 20 gold medals in Cyprus games

Athletes for Special Olympics Malta won 20 gold, 11 silver and 2 bronze medals in Cyprus national games

Winners of the aquatics competitors in the Special Olympics Malta delegation celebrate their win
Winners of the aquatics competitors in the Special Olympics Malta delegation celebrate their win
Athletes for Special Olympics arrival

Special Olympics Malta athletes participating in the Cyprus National Games last week won a total of 20 Gold, 11 Silver and 2 Bronze medals.

The Maltese delegation was made up entirely of new Special Olympics athletes, participating in an international competition for the first time.

Swimmer Maria Pia, the first ever Gozitan Special Olympics athlete to win medals, won a gold, silver and bronze medal in Aquatics competitions.

The athletes are expected to return to Malta later on Monday (at 2:10pm) from Cyprus.

Full list of winners by category:


Cheyenne Aquilina           50m Run - Gold

                                        100m Walk - Silver

Thea Cutajar                   50m Run – Gold

                                      Standing Long Jump-  Gold

                                     100m Run – 4th place

Mattheus Muscat          400m Run - Gold

                                      Shot Put - Silver

Gilmour Borg                   Long Jump - Gold

                                        100m Run – Gold

Kurt Demanuele               200m Run - Gold  

                                         100m Run - Silver

Gareth Borg                       100m Run - Bronze

                                           200m Run - 4th Place

Rebecca Dalli                    200m Run - Gold

                                           100m Run - Silver

Mattheus Muscat, Gilmour Borg, Kurt Demanuele, Kieran Pace                          4 x 100m Relay - Silver


Olivia Bonett                      25m Butterfly

                                           25m Backstroke - Silver

Maria James                      25m Breaststroke - Gold

                                           50m Freestyle - Gold

Maria Pia                           25m Butterfly - Silver

                                          50m Backstroke - Bronze

Sam Micallef                      25m Freestyle - Gold

                                          50m Freestyle - Gold

Rosaline Bonello              25m Freestyle - Gold

                                         25m Backstroke - Gold

Peter Fenech                    25m Backstroke - Silver

                                        25m Freestyle – 4th place

Alessia Distefano             25m Freestyle - Gold

                                         25m Backstroke - Gold

Jean Paul Fenech              50m Freestyle – Gold

                                           25m Freestyle - Silver

Olivia Bonett, Maria James, Maria Pia, Sam Micallef                                                   Relay 4 x 50m Medley - Gold

Rosaline Bonello, Peter Fenech, Alessia Distefano, Jean Paul Fenech                       Relay 4 x 50m Freestyle - Gold


Gareth Borg                      500m - Silver

                                           5K - Silver

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