IFBB Malta 2016 National Championships and International Grand Prix results

• In front of a crowd of over 1,000 people, Malta’s top athletes battled for the top prizes
• Four top six placings for Maltese athletes at the IFBB European Championships in Spain

Malta International Grand Prix top three Men’s Bodybuilding. Photo by Ray Cassar
Malta International Grand Prix top three Men’s Bodybuilding. Photo by Ray Cassar

The Maltese Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation organised its annual National Championships & the International Grand Prix on the 23 and 24 April at the Grandmaster’s suite of the Hilton Hotel in St.Julians.
On the Saturday a record number of 80 local athletes battled for the National Championships in front of a crowd of over 1,000 people. This contest was also a qualifier for the EBFF European Championships, held the following week in Santa Susanna, Spain.
Despite being a small country of 400,000 people the level in Malta is getting higher every year and Bodybuilding & Fitness are very respected by the local authorities in Malta.
In fact these championships were attended by the Minister of Sport Hon. Chris Agius & the President of the Republic’s husband his Excellency Edgar Preca. They were awarded by the Maltese federation for their support towards the sport.

The overall winners

Kirsten Dalmas - Bikini Fitness
Chantal Graziani - Body Fitness
Konrad Fenech - Men’s Physique
Daniel Umanah - Classic Bodybuilding
Darren Borg - Bodybuiling

On the following Sunday 45 athletes from 7 European countries: Malta, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Ireland, Norway and Sweden competed in the International Grand Prix which had
cash prices of €5000. There were also five guest posing appearances including two IFBB pros: Ellen
Elizabeth Berg and Williiam Bonac.

Top 3 Malta International GP

Bikini Fitness:
1.Kirsten Dalmas (Malta)
2.Line Elizabeth Karlsen (Norway)
3.Laura Benasques (Spain)

Body Fitness:
1.Vibeke Litland (Norway)
2.Chantal Graziani (Malta)
3.Elizabeth Stuglik (Ireland)

Men’s Physique:
1.Konrad Fenech (Malta)
2.Alberto Gonzales (Spain)
3.Axl Mallia (Malta)

Classic Bodybuilding:
1.Daniel Umanah (Malta)
2.Erik Widlund (Norway)
3.Jan Palecinak (Czech Republic)

Bodybuilding -80 kg
1.Rafel Beltran (Spain)
2.Roderick Theuma (Malta)
3,Roderick Schembri (Malta)

Bodybuilding -90 kg
1.Darren Borg (Malta)
2.Vincenzo Coppola (Malta)
3.Anselmo Cortado (Spain)

Bodybuilding 90+ kg
1.Karol Stuglik (Ireland)
2.Jorge Aunion (Spain)
3.Antoine Zerafa (Malta)

Overall Bodybuilding:
1.Rafel Beltran (Spain)
2.Karol Stuglik (Ireland)
3.Darren Borg (Malta)

Placing 2016 IFBB European Bodybuilding and Fitness Championships May 4-8 for Maltese athletes

Axl Mallia - 3rd place in juniors physique - 178cm
Mario Pace - 4th place in Masters Bodybuilding over 60
Raymond Cassar - 5th in Masters
Over 50 Classic Bodybuilding
Vincenzo Coppola & Chantal
Graziani - 6th in Mixed Pairs

For more information about the Malta Fedweration of Bodybuilding and Fitness, log on to http://www.mfbbf.org/

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