Italian film to be produced in Malta

Minister Manuel Mallia involved in discussions to introduce a soundstage in Malta.

An Italian production company will begin shooting a film as from July 21st. The film, ‘Andron’ is expected to generate a substantial income for Malta’s film industry and the country’s economy, whilst making use of Maltese companies and local workers.

The news was announced as a Maltese delegation led by Home Affairs Minister Manuel Mallia, accompanied by his Chief of Staff, Silvio Scerri, and Film Commissioner Engelbert Grech, visited Cinecitta’, with the aim of strengthening the film industry in Malta.

During the visit, the Maltese delegation met with senior officials of Cinecitta’, Giuseppe Basso and Cristina Giubetti. Discussions were also held on studies which could be carried out to introduce a soundstage in Malta, with the biggest soundstage in Europe located in Cinecitta’.

Mallia said that the government’s aim was to make the concept of a soundstage in Malta a reality.

The minister will be attending an activity within Cinecitta’, in which Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi will also be present.