Muscat says EU27 will play hardball with UK in Brexit talks
Brexit timetable well-received by EU leaders
Updated | Malta to host Brexit negotiations, Muscat says EU's four freedoms 'cannot be decoupled'
‘No one knows’ what UK wants out of Brexit, Joseph Muscat protests
EU states could veto Brexit deal threatening free movement
United Kingdom may begin Brexit in early 2017, BBC reports
Market Commentary | Panic Eases?
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Calamatta Cuschieri
Prime Minister in Berlin for talks ahead of Bratislava summit
UK trade secretary says Britain ‘too lazy and fat’ to secure future outside EU
European Council President visiting Malta to discuss Brexit
Britons may need visas to travel to Europe under new EU scheme
Switzerland seeking numerous agreements with Malta
Scicluna: Brexit may be opportunity for political and economic intervention
There’s no plan, detail or sense of grip in Brexit
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Market Commentary | Stronger Pound leaves its mark
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Calamatta Cuschieri
Couple ups sticks and ‘brexits’ to Malta
Theresa May refuses to commit to Brexit pledges
Japan, US warn Theresa May of Brexit fallout as G20 summit begins
France’s Marie Le Pen pledges to hold referendum on EU if elected
Blair insists UK can avoid Brexit if public opinion shifts
Market Commentary | Mixed, mixed, mixed (and NFPs)
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Calamatta Cuschieri
May warns Cabinet that UK must not stay in the EU ‘through the back door’
German vice chancellor warns Brexit could send EU ‘down the drain’
May calls for Brexit talks amid fears of Cabinet split
Brexit could be delayed ‘until end of 2019’
UK might finalise trade deal with EU within two years, says expert
Jeremy Corbyn rules out second Brexit referendum
Bank of England cuts interest rates to 0.25%
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Can your business navigate Brexit?
Qatar Airways increases its stake in British Airways owner IAG
NSO needs to make itself more relevant - CEO
Brexit heightens risks for global economy, G20 warns
EU considering seven-year ‘emergency break’ on UK migration
Hollande gives May ultimatum
There’s Brexit riches in education too
Second Scottish independence referendum could be held in 2017 - Sturgeon
Hammond rules out emergency Brexit budget
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US state promises UK it would remain ‘at the front of the queue’
From pushback to Brexit
Michael Falzon
Blame it on Brexit
Raphael Vassallo