Golden passport fund has no policies and rules on what it spends cash on
Cash-for-passport TV sting ‘lacked evidence, was dishonest’ says French court
Billionaire Republican donor Peter Thiel reported to be seeking Maltese passport
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EU issues weak admonition of golden passports but pledges further scrutiny
IIP regulator wants only MPs to see Maltese golden passport names
‘Passport rich’ shell out €3.9 million for Maltese charity
Malta IIP tax residents do not get 5% tax ‘relief’
Minister says OECD claim that passport buyers get tax refunds ‘mistaken’
Malta’s low tax on foreign assets makes golden passport ‘high-risk’, says OECD
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Serbian magnate Dragan Solak outed by MaltaFiles over tax avoidance, is Malta’s newest citizen
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Citizenship sale 'is not about the cash', PM tells Dubai audience
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IIP: Henley’s commission is 10 times what stockbrokers get on sale of government stocks
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