Updated | No show for Kessler as EC turns down privileges committee request
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OLAF chief Giovanni Kessler set to testify in Zammit bribery case
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OLAF chief Kessler does not testify in Zammit bribery case
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Last man standing
Saviour Balzan
'Gonzi under pressure from Steve Mallia and Lou Bondi to press charges against me' - Dalli
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Doing the right thing
Josanne Cassar
OLAF refusal to testify delaying Silvio Zammit compilation - defence
Dalli accuses Busuttil of being ‘part of OLAF fraud’
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John Dalli seeking €1.9 million in damages
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‘Lawyer close to PN administration offered me presidential pardon’ – Silvio Zammit
Kessler denies OPM contact, Dalli says email correspondence exists
Dalli: PN leader should uphold rights of Maltese not defend Kessler
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EU Ombudsman to investigate EC contacts with tobacco lobbyists
Court rules officers mentioned in constitutional case have a right to clear their names
‘I told Gonzi to stop the attacks from Caruana Galizia, and they stopped’
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Barroso to testify at European court over Dalli resignation
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