Updated | Opposition to move motion on fuel price reduction

Government says fuel prices will continue decreasing irresepctive of the Opposition's motion 

The Opposition will move a motion in Parliament tomorrow, insisting that the government lower the prices of petrol and diesel.

“Although the international price of oil has recently decreased by more than half, the Maltese consumer is yet to enjoy the fruit of this substantial reduction,” Opposition leader Simon Busuttil said. “Indeed, petrol still costs €1.42 per litre, while diesel still costs €1.35.”

“The Opposition considers this to be unacceptable, particularly when one compares these prices with those of other EU countries where fuel prices have decreased to lower than a euro per litre."

The government, Busuttil said, has been hard-headed in the face of constant pressure by the Opposition to reduce fuel prices.

“Therefore, we have decided to move a motion in Parliament where we’ll insist that the government lowers fuel prices to a reasonable level that reflects the substantial reduction in the global price of oil,” Busuttil said. “This is so that consumers can start enjoying these oil reductions as they deserve to.” 

'Fuel prices will decrease irrespective of motion'

In a reaction, the government said that fuel prices will continue decreasing on a consistent basis as planned, regardless of the Opposition’s motion.

“Energy Minister Konrad Mizzi and Prime Minister Joseph Muscat have already announced that the government’s fuel policies are built on price reduction and stability,” the government said. “The Opposition are trying to give us lessons on energy prices when they were responsible for increasing fuel prices and electricity and water bills when the global price of oil had plummeted by 51%. Under the previous administration, oil sales were the cause of the greatest scandal in our country’s political history and the Opposition leader now refers to it as a smokescreen.” 

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