‘New expressions of solidarity’ needed to target poverty, archbishop says
As Malta celebrates Independence Day, Archbishop Charles Scicluna calls for solidarity towards migrants, the poor and future generations
Malta celebrates Independence Day
Motorist, 21, seriously injured in collision
Court & Police
Jobs in Malta

Blogs National days: A mistimed discussion
Arnold Cassola
With our country’s land, air and seas being continuously raped by greedy developers, opening up a discussion on the national day today seems to be just a...
Killing her (not so) softly with his rage
Josanne Cassar

Too often we only speak in terms of numbers and statistics, while forgetting...

Too often we only speak in terms of numbers and statistics,...

A stitch out of time
Raphael Vassallo

Now that all the dust has finally settled, ‘Stitching’ can be seen for what it ultimately was all along: a low-key, somewhat Spartan play, focusing...

Now that all the dust has finally settled,...

Will the real PN stand up?

The PN remains beset by infighting, and is still torn between an experiment to sharpen its identitarianism – represented by Delia –...

The PN remains beset by infighting, and is still...

‘Clearing my name and proving my innocence’ | Jonathan Caruana
32-year-old Valletta FC player Jonathan Caruana was handed a four-year suspension in May 2017 after failing an out-of-competition doping test. He has been fighting to prove his...
The Majlis – Cultures In Dialogue exhibition open
The exhibition itself represents the first part of a wider project that seeks to connect people, beliefs and cultures by offering a platform for respectful, yet incisive dialogue

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