[WATCH] ‘Parents said my gay father would go to hell’, children speak out
Children of LGBT parents recount episodes of intolerance in Pride Week video on...
[WATCH] Nationwide investigation to be launched into churches' infrastructure after Ta’ Ġieżu incident
Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and Infrastructure minister Ian Borg also...
[WATCH] Rabat residents devastated after ‘Ta' Ġieżu’ ceiling collapse
Residents rushed to the site to help the Franciscan community at Rabat, where...
73.6% of Maltese have not been to a cultural site in 12 months, survey finds
Cultural Diary
Eurostat survey of participation in cultural or sport activities finds Maltese...
Equality minister dubs Chris Said a threat to ‘progressive Malta’
Dalli hits out at Chris Said's pledge to replace gender-neutral laws...
Planning ombudsman rues obstruction of pavements by al fresco restaurants
The Commissioner for Environment and Planning claims that local restaurants are...
Labour of love: The almost century-long family history behind St Julian’s Gostra
Cultural Diary
MaltaToday spoke to Simon Bugeja, whose family have been organising the gostra...
Maltese far-right supporters launch petition in aid of anti-migrant vessel
Anti-migrant vessel C-Star says Maltese supporters have launched a petition...
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