Emma Portelli Bonnici is a lawyer and PN candidate on the 9th and 10th districts

What reality do you want to wake up to next Sunday?
There is only one question that really matters in the end – what do you...
Ten years of soul-searching later, we are ready to govern
The Nationalist Party has spent the past ten years soul-searching, listening to...
“Kemm ghandek n*jk!”
Let us all start judging people on their actions and capabilities, and stop...
The unbearable lightness of pandering
Our politicians should be people of substance, people with a solid track record...
Cry me a river, Robert
Robert Abela would be a once-sparkling-now-flat wine socialist
‘Tal-piżelli jew tal-irkotta’? Whatever it is, we need to band together
Being involved in the political discourse doesn’t mean having to be...
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