Farah Abdi, a Somali refugee, is a MaltaToday blogger who works as an interpreter for NGOs in the field of migration.

He was born in south central Somalia at a time when the country was divided along tribal lines. His mother moved him out to neighbouring Kenya at the age of three, where he was educated.

In 2012, he left the country, fearing for his safety due to his sexual orientation and religious beliefs.

His journey to Malta was the most challenging experience he has had to face, travelling through Uganda, South Sudan, Sudan, the Sahara desert and Libya, where he was imprisoned five times in Libya for being an undocumented migrant.

He credits his mother for his strong character, his education, and his sense of self-worth.

He loves music, acting, fashion, and writing, and hopes to pursue a degree in international relations and also publish a book. He also works at a restaurant in Senglea.

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