Sexual abuse victims file compensation claim

Victims of sexual abuse by priests demand compensation from Curia and government.

Lawrence Grech, one of the victims, led the legal battle against the two defrocked priests.
Lawrence Grech, one of the victims, led the legal battle against the two defrocked priests.

The victims of sexual abuse committed by two priests at the St Joseph's Home for Boys in Santa Venera are to file a compensation claim in court today.

Lawrence Grech, who was the man who broke the silence and led the victims' legal battle against the priests today filed the claim together with nine other victims.

The victims are claiming that since the two priests were sentenced to jail, the victims should receive compensation, however stopped short of demanding a specific amount.  

In November, defrocked priests Carmelo Pulis and Godwin Scerri were sentenced to six years and five years imprisonment respectively.

The judgment was confirmed on appeal by Mr. Justice Scicluna on the basis of clear evidence of lewd and lustful acts which were committed by the two on 11 'passive victims'.

The victims compensation claim was filed against the Curia, government, the Attorney General, Carmel Pulis, Godwin Scerri, the Archbishop, the St Paul Missionary Society, and others.

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Sexual abuse victims all over the world file for compensation and win. Why is money a dirty word in Malta. Dirty words should be pedophile clergymen, oral and anal sex on children etc, fondling the private parts of children The Church should pay up and shut up.
The final moment? It has been long time coming and it is finally here. Don't let all the names of the accused fool you, this is normal procedure that you name everybody involved in the case so as to have a full circle. If this case fails here in Malta and it goes to the EU Human Rights Courts be assured that these eleven men will be royally compensated. Hopefully this will all come to an end very soon so all involved can carry on with their lives. It has been a nightmare for all.