Malta Public Transport bus overturns in Attard

Only the driver was injured in the dramatic incident, which took place last night at 11:30pm

A bus operated by Malta Public Transport overturned on Sunday night, at around 11:30pm on Mdina Road in Attard.

The bus, which was not carrying any passengers skidded to a halt only slightly injuring the driver, who is being treated for shock.

Malta Public Transport said in a statement this morning that an internal investigation was immediately launched in order to identify the cause of the accident.

Over the last three years, the company said, “the number of accidents have shown a consistent year-on-year reduction.

“The company has, in fact, implemented various measures to this effect including most importantly, a significant investment in the training programme for drivers.”

The company also said that they introduced a programme, whereby divers with a positive track record in safe driving are rewarded with promotions to ‘Advanced Drivers’.

“Malta Public Transport would like to thank its employees and members of the emergency forces for their prompt and effective reaction,” the company added.

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