[WATCH] High expectations for Kurt Calleja and Swedish iTunes charts

Malta made it through to the Eurovision Song Contest grand finale thanks to Kurt Calleja’s energetic semi-final performance which has also tickled the fancy of Swedish iTunes listeners.

Kurt Calleja and his band's high energy performance had people jumping and dancing all throughout
Kurt Calleja and his band's high energy performance had people jumping and dancing all throughout

Just hours away from the grand final of the Eurovision Song Contest, many Saturday evenings are being planned around the show to cheer Kurt Calleja on as he represents Malta.

Watch  the video below of the final dress rehearsals and get sneak peak at what's to come this evening:

After two years of failing to get through the semi-finals, Malta was voted through this year on Calleja’s excellently vibrant performance of the song, ‘This is the night’.

It was a nail biting wait on Thursday evening as the successful countries were called out one by one with Malta taking the ninth out of 10 available spots in the final. 

Excited Eurovision and Kurt Calleja fans will be waiting expectedly for Calleja to take to the stage and nervously wait for the total 26 performances and voting to be over in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Getting through to the finals is already a big step for Calleja who has been preparing for months and everyone hopes he will once again give a performance without a hitch.

He certainly seems to be doing well outside of the Eurovision as ‘This is the night’ makes it to #53 on the Swedish iTunes Chart.

Although this could simply be down to the fact that the song was written by the Swedes, one can only hope for a better position than Chiara’s placing of 22 back in 2009 with ‘What if we’. 


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