Update 7 | Five passengers confirmed dead, rescue mission ongoing
One Greek passenger dies, two injured while hundreds of passengers are being...
Under-fire sergeant previously probed over assaulting French student
Police sergeant snapped drinking in a gentlemen’s club while on duty was...
Alleged drug dealer drives into police in bid to escape
Court & Police
Safi man, Nigerian woman arrested over three kilograms cocaine find.
Man falls two storeys while waiting for bus, in danger of dying
Court & Police
Foreigner critically injured after falling two storeys in St Paul's...
Man 'threatened to kill all black people' during assault, victim says
Court & Police
Assault victim says accused shouted racial slurs and "threatened to kill...
Long-time fraudster jailed, re-arraigned hours later
Court & Police
Serial fraudster Annabelle Camilleri Monreal jailed for two years and seven...
Man hit with hammer for calling friend’s girlfriend ‘ugly’, gets suspended sentence
Court & Police
44-year-old man gets suspended sentence for his role in fight after calling...
Surgeon tells court how Erin Tanti suffered ‘superficial injuries’ and was in a stable condition
Court & Police
Drama teacher Erin Tanti was in a stable condition and suffering superficial...