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The full Budget - the top 10, and the rest of 2014's measures
Budget 2014
Budget 2014 as delivered in the House today by finance minister Edward Scicluna
Busuttil blasts feel-good factor: more taxes, no new jobs
Budget 2014
Opposition leader says energy tariff cuts will be financed by €170 million in...
Air Malta halves operating losses, annual losses down to €30.9 million
Business News
National airline cuts operating losses by 50% down to €13.7 million
Updated | ‘Citizenship is priceless’ - Simon Busuttil
Opposition calls on the government to publish the full contract with...
Hysterics will get us nowhere
Muscat and Busuttil are calling for Europe to intervene and prevent boats...
Government to implement electoral programme in 2014 Budget
Government to implement first phase of political programme in next week’s...
Busuttil accuses Muscat of being ‘sheepish’ with EU leaders on migration
PN leader Simon Busuttil accuses Prime Minister Muscat of employing ‘cowboy...
Government denies Henley will pocket €140,000 for each passport application
Government denies Henley & Partners will earn €140,000 from each passport...
Cigarette stocks withheld two weeks before budget
Budget 2014
Anti-hoarding measure for Budget 2014 leaves wholesalers fuming as cigarette...
30 cases of HIV in 2012
HIV cases increase while AIDS cases remain on same level in 2012.
‘Henley to earn €240,000 from each passport application’ - Jason Azzopardi
Home Affairs minister claims Opposition is ‘envious’ of government’s...
New housing scheme launched
New housing scheme launched to fund rented households in need of urgent...
UHM proposes €900 in-work benefit for parents on minimum wage
Budget 2014
Union Haddiema Maghqudin proposes introduction of €900 in-work benefit for...
Parliament decides to have standards commissioner
Parliamentary standards commissioner and standing committee set to be appointed...
Updated | At least 10 eagles shot down over Buskett
At least 10 Booted Eagles shot down by hunters in Buskett, government and...
Martin Schultz makes pitch for legal migration
European Parliament president Martin Scultz calls for introduction of legal...
Statistics chief says he is not being pressured over financial reporting
Minister of Finance refuses to comment further on National Statistical Office
De Marco does not envisage major amendment to civil unions bill
PN yet to discuss amendments to the civil unions bill.
[WATCH] Shocking video images show real extent of migrants’ tragedy
AFM video shows rescue operation held earlier this month in which hundreds of...
No problem at  ST Microelectronics, Muscat reassures
Prime Minister Joseph Muscat says situation at ST Micrelectronics was...