Oil scandal | Police seek evidence from Gibraltar, Switzerland
Court & Police
Update 2 | Police request Court to issue rogatory letters to gather company and...
Mosta band club fireworks factory permit annulled by court
Court & Police
A Judge has ordered that a permit for a fireworks factory issued in the...
Hostile witness spared jail, after retracting evidence in Italian woman’s rape case
Court & Police
A man was this afternoon spared from going to prison for 48 hours, after he...
Court fines taxi driver €2,000 for not having meter, confiscates vehicle
Court & Police
Magistrate fines taxi driver €2,000 and orders confiscation of his vehicle...
No signs of speculative attacks on Maltese economy – Central Bank governor
Business News
Josef Bonnici: core domestic banks operate a traditional business model.
Court orders psychiatric assessment of man charged with sexual advances to minor
Court & Police
Man charged with stalking 12 year-old girl on bus and outside her school.
Probation for beating up Burger King employee
Court & Police
Youths admit to assaulting Burger King employee who tried to stop them from...
Man charged with threatening father with a gun
Court & Police
Anger issues with father lead young man to be charged with threats, possession...