Dr Robert Musumeci is a warranted advocate and a perit. He also holds a Masters Degree in Conservation Technology in Masonry Buildings.

He is the founding partner of the architectural firm RMPERITI and prior to being admitted to the Maltese Bar in 2016, he had practiced as a perit since 1998. He is a former chairperson of the Building Industry Consultative Council (BICC) and presently holds the post of advisor within the office of the Prime Minister of Malta. Dr Musumeci was directly involved in the reforms which led to Malta Environment and Planning Authority’s demerger and the establishment of the new Lands Authority in 2016.

Dr Musumeci has published several academic articles related to planning legislation. He was selected by the Faculty of Laws (University of Malta) for the prize of Best Doctor of Laws Thesis Award 2016 for his thesis entitled 'The Development Planning Act 2016 - A critical Appraisal'.

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