Registered unemployment on the decline in July despite year-on-year increase

Registered unemployment currently stand at 3,981

Freshly released statistics by the NSO and Jobsplus show that registered unemployment has seen an increase of 2,327 compared to the corresponding month of July in 2019, with a decrease of 289 from last month’s standings.

Compared with 2019, all age groups have experienced an increase in registered unemployment levels.

The largest increase was seen in persons aged between 30-44 with an increase of 813 persons.

From the total number of registered unemployed, almost 73% were made up of persons who have been registered for less than 21 weeks.

Persons with a disability registering for work increased by 30 compared to 2019 statistics, standing at a total of 248.

A large share of males and females on the unemployment register were seeking jobs as clerical support workers, at 20.7% and 34.7% respectively.

Compared with last June, registered unemployment has seen a decrease of 289. While COVID-19 saw a sharp increase in unemployment levels, all age groups bar the under 20s are seeing a declining trend in registered unemployed.