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Authorities discussing COVID measures for Gozo carnival weekend, minister says
The Nadur council already announced that it will be cancelling all carnival...
PN complains to TVM after station fails to report Vitals court case
A copy of the complaint was forwarded to the Broadcasting Authority for further...
Muscat's loose tongue prompts an etymology lesson on the term 'żobiku'
The ex-PM's choice of language in today's court hearing raised a few...
Oliver Scicluna officially co-opted into parliament
Scicluna has taken the oath of allegiance as a Member of Parliament for the...
[WATCH] Adrian Delia says government should negotiate with Steward from a position of strength
Nationalist MP Adrian Delia rebukes Joseph Muscat for failing to...
[WATCH] Joseph Muscat defends VGH hospitals concession, rejects it was a done deal
Court & Police
Vitals court case | Former prime minister Joseph Muscat says he fully trusts...
UPE calls for strict COVID restrictions and rigid enforcement during Carnival weekend
With large numbers of Gozo rental farmhouses fully booked for the weekend,...
Illum Survey: Traffic concerns at lowest level since October 2017
Those residing in the Western and Southern Harbour districts are reaping the...