PN agreed to use April’s Electoral Register

Documentation of Electoral Commission meetings show that there was agreement between the Labour party and the Nationalist Party to use April’s electoral register (that includes the controversial 2,800 youth voters) for the upcoming divorce referendum.

Labour leaning newspaper L-Orizzont, published by the General Workers’ Union, claims that according to documentation seen by the paper, up until 2 March there was agreement within the Electoral Commission that the 2,800 youth voters be included in April’s new Electoral Register.

The report details that there was also agreement within the Electoral Commission between PL and PN representatives, as well as the Chairman, that the ‘writ’ should be sent out by mid-April.

Citing minutes of a 2 March meeting, the report reveals that that “the president was given advice that the writ dealing with the referendum is sent to the Commission by Monday, 18 April. The Commission agreed that this would be done.”

The report also cites documentation of a meeting held on 23 March that proves that the Nationalist Party had agreed to base the referendum’s voting eligibility on April’s Electoral Register, irrespective of when the motion is tabled in Parliament. “The PN withdrew from this agreement on 30 March,” the report adds.

The report follows in the wake of a flurry of statements and counter statements by the PN and the PL as each party attempted to blame the other for the way 2,800 youth who turned 18 from October 2010 onwards stand to lose their right to vote in the upcoming divorce referendum in 28 May.

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Same of PN playing the same old dirty tricks. This is what they always do, first they agree on issues, than at the eleventh hour they blow it up when it's too late for the other party to rectify. The PN has not denied that it's agents in the electoral commission had agreed and please note that this was prior to the approval of the motion in parliament. So this explains that there was no error on the part of the PL, but a cowardly act by the NEVER changing PN. Yes, they simply cannot be trusted and they only defend democracy as long as it suites them. TERINATA!!!!
Well as usual squabbling and trying to persuade our citizens that PN is right PL is wrong and vice versa. Why don't you for once admit that you both screwed things up. One maybe by not seeing the finer detail re dates ect, while the other by observing all this failed to bring the fact to the attention of the other. My only belief is that both either knowingly or unwillingly refused the right of 2500 citizens the right to decide. Unbelievable and shameful
Once more it has been proved that gonziPN is made up of a bunch of bleeding LIARS. They should change their name from gonziPN to gonziLiarsPN. . LIARS fricken LIARS