Alex Borg wins fourth ranking snooker tournament of the season

Alex Borg, who plays for club Juventutis Domus of Zejtun, won the fourth and last snooker tournament of the season following a 5-1 win over Mario Brincat who play for Mount Carmel club.

Alex Borg
Alex Borg

Borg won the first frame but Brincat equalised by winning the second one. However, Borg won the consecutive four frames for a final score of 5-1. In the last frame, Borg registered the highest break which was of 79 points.

The final match was controlled by referee Ivan Pirotta.

After the final, Mr Vince Pisani presented the awards to both finalists on behalf of the MBSA.

Borg sits first in the ranking list of the Malta Billiards and Snoooker Association. He is followed by Duncan Bezzina and Brian Cini.


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