MEPA executive chairman at government’s mercy
MDA president still hoping for €2.4 million land buy at Zonqor
MEPA targets illegal Birzebbuga scrapyard
16-storey Gzira towers set for approval
MEPA decision on St John’s co-cathedral museum extension suspended
Planning ‘action plans’ won’t say when land is public
A change for the worse
James Debono
Twenty reasons against MEPA’s demerger
Floating restaurant proposed next to Macina
New law paves way for planning amnesty
New law paves way for planning amnesty
Demerger de facto complete
Ryan Callus
Public consultation on management of Natura 2000 sites launched
New laws will allow government to appeal against planning decisions
Opposition MP questions political independence of proposed Environment Authority
Front says MEPA reform needs ‘consultation not adverts’
New storey proposed on scheduled Mtarfa isolation hospital
Rushing to dismantle the goalposts
Opposition refuse to debate MEPA demerger until civil society is consulted
After the divorce, planning unbound?
James Debono
'Government's environmental credentials have hit rock bottom' - Din l-Art Helwa
New law allows developers to hide behind ‘anonymous submissions’
MEPA demerger ‘eyewash to retain political stranglehold’ – FAA
Updated | PN warns MEPA demerger will relegate environment to 'external consultee'
GAP bound by 2007 agreement to restore Tigné military barracks
No metro, no high-rise, Sliema council says
New 40-storey hotel to ‘complement’ other high rises
Birgu council favours ODZ old people’s home
Malta’s giddy high-rise future
James Debono
Updated | Farrugia fears future generations 'will suffer for the sins we commit’
Army exemption means no MEPA permit required for Haywharf monstrosity
Court chides MEPA tribunal for failure to enforce policies
Sliema’s Imperial hotel to become old people’s home
Nature park boundaries changed by government
Sun deck area on steel platform proposed at Qawra foreshore
Loophole allows fuel pumps outside building zones
New policy seeks to regenerate Strait Street and Old Civil  Abbatoir in Valletta
More industrial garages proposed on Ghaxaq ODZ site
Green light for ‘al fresco pavements’ despite resident objectors
Man files Constitutional proceedings after 20-year wait for planning permission