Planning Authority assigns over €31 million to local councils for development projects

Infrastructure and Capital Projects Minister Ian Borg was asked to provide the balance of funds of planning gain assigned to local councils

Over €31 million are expected to be paid as planning gain to local councils for different projects, information provided by Infrastructure Minister Ian Borg in parliament revealed.

The minister was asked to list the balance of funds that each local council is set to receive as planning gain in a parliamentary question put forward by PN MP Toni Bezzina.

A total balance of €3 million has been committed, while another €29 million have not yet been committed, the list showed.

Once approved, the funds are paid in three installments, with the final payment being given once the project is finalised. 

The highest numbers appear as balances not yet committed for areas such as St. Julians and Sliema, amounting to €4 million each – clearly highlighting the main areas in which immense development projects are concentrated.