Jurgen Balzan was a MaltaToday reported from 2011 to 2017.

[WATCH] Bonnici: 'Azzopardi's fingerprints all over' Lowenbrau deal
Jason Azzopardi called as witness by Marsovin in court case over Lowenbrau...
Failed by the system | Angela Caruana
Thousands of unaccompanied child refugees and asylum seekers go missing every...
Malta’s ‘Libya deal’ to push EU border south
Government pushing for EU deal to process asylum seekers in Algeria or Egypt
Inquiry probing CapitalOne police investigation extended
Government approves four-week extension of independent inquiry into alleged...
Company denies being paid for works it did not carry out for Foundation for Tomorrow’s Schools
Avantgarde Projects has denied having been paid for works, explaining that...
Football’s cash flow nightmare: 79% of Maltese players paid late
41% of footballers in Malta earn between €940 and €1,900 a month but...
George Vella casts doubt on EU-Libya migration deal
George Vella warns that striking a deal with Libya – the main passageway...
Simon Busuttil rules out internal debate on euthanasia
The Nationalist Party has said that no discussion on euthanasia and...
Cold weather takes electricity demand to new heights
The cold January weather leads to all-time record electricity demand on Monday
Updated | PN warns EU ‘ignoring anti-corruption sentiment’ after it approves power station deal
'Instead of understanding the Maltese public sentiment against corruption,...
Hunters tell BirdLife they don’t need their help to protect Gozo swans
FKNK say they are willing to continue to feed to the mute swans in Gozo on...
13 new reasons to make you say ‘2017, go away!’
Happy New Year! Time for another list of those events that will shape the next...
The 10 most read MaltaToday stories
We bring you the 10 most-read articles on maltaoday.com.mt during 2016
Chief Justice threatens boycott over ‘demotion’ in State protocol
Chief Justice Silvio Camilleri irked at judiciary being dropped order of...
The story of 2016 | Panama, how it shook Labour to its core, leaving it bruised but not crushed
In 2016 it was all about Panamagate. But by retaining Konrad Mizzi in his...
Pro-Gaddafi aeroplane hijackers arrested, all 118 passengers and crew unharmed, weapons revealed to be replicas
Two hijackers reportedly from Al Fateh Al Gadida on board Libyan aeroplane...
Experts warn education reform could lead to ‘ghettoisation’
The changes to the education system are aimed at bridging the gap between...
Minister: Policy against deportation of families 'would send wrong message'
Home affairs minister refuses to pledge not to deport any migrant children,...
Academics warn removal of THP-n will deny people basic human rights
Faculty of Social Wellbeing says that tolerating the denial of basic human...
[WATCH] Government has no intention to grant long-term migrants Maltese citizenship
As Malta-born children of two Eritreans face possible deportation, Carmelo...