Jurgen Balzan was a MaltaToday reported from 2011 to 2017.

[WATCH] ALS sufferer’s plea for debate on assisted suicide: ‘I don’t want to live in indignity’
ALS sufferer calls for introduction of euthanasia, insists he will take his own...
The Europe I want to live in
Migration poses a number of challenges which we must address. However, these...
Police investigation on Gaffarena report should extend to Castille – PN
Jason Azzopardi: ‘Muscat’s government is the most corrupt in...
University of Malta rectorship: Baldacchino ponders top post
Academics at the University of Malta are calling for less bureaucracy and for...
Fishermen claim official lampara catches being seriously over-valued
Fishermen say ‘lampara’ catches reported by the environment...
Fear is the real threat to the ‘Maltese identity’
The biggest threat to the ‘Maltese identity’ is the scaremongering...
Inflated fish landings spark smuggling front fears
Inexplicably large catches by fishermen, lax controls and a lack of monitoring...
[WATCH] Hundreds of Muslims gather for Friday prayers in Floriana
Some 400 Muslims gather in hall provided by education ministry in Floriana
Outgoing US ambassador says ‘balance’ is answer to racism, xenophobia
Gina Abercrombie-Winstanley says xenophobia must be addressed by striking right...
Muslim community calls on authorities to grant permits for places of worship
Council spokesperson Bader Zina explained that the community has been...
Updated | Muslim community calls on authorities to grant permits for places of worship
Malta Muslim Council Foundation calls on the authorities to assist it in...
University gave Catholic burial to Jehovah’s Witness who gave body for medical research
A Jehovah's Witness who donated her body to the University of Malta for...
[WATCH] Man injured in Cassar Shipyards accident
Court & Police
Blast from ship's air pipe at Cassar Shipyards in Marsa injures man
Only 272 refugees relocated as EU plan stalls, Malta has not yet taken 131 quota
The latest figures show that the EU has miserably failed to deal with the...
2015: How resignations coloured the year in politics
Three resignations over 12 months. JURGEN BALZAN on why some deserved to go,...
West ready to strike IS in Libya, Haftar set for collision with Tripoli
Maltese government stands as sole interlocutor of Libyan lawmakers refusing UN...
New divisions come forth as rival parliaments unite against ‘imposed’ Libya government
Libya’s rival governments reject delayed UN-brokered national unity deal...
Busuttil flags illegality in Sadeen’s ‘university’ application
Independent MP Marlene Farrugia says Labour government has turned good...
Birdlife launches book on history of ornithology in Malta
New publication reveals the rich history of bird study in the Maltese Islands
French election could reshape Europe’s political landscape
As France votes in second round of regional elections, rise of far right will...