New online betting firm relocates to Malta

Betting Gods Ltd starts operations in Malta, head office at St Julian’s

UK-based sports betting content platform Betting Gods Ltd have moved to their new office space in Malta.

Over the past weeks, the betting firm focused on increasing its brand awareness on the island, launching advertising campaigns across various platforms whilst sponsoring two recent igaming conferences, SiGMA and MiGS.

It also partnered up with online media to provide content to their audiences.

Betting Gods Ltd has also agreed a significant partnership with the organisers of SiGMA to significantly increase their involvement in various iGaming events of 2017 on the Maltese islands.

Ahead of the company's planned official move to Malta in 2017, executives made arrangements to move into the Soho Office, St Julian’s. Talks were underway to ensure that the transition is as smooth and efficient as possible.

Betting Gods Ltd expressed excitement over their forecasted growth within Malta, the United Kingdom, and the wider EU and global betting / iGaming community.

Betting Gods was set up as a platform to connects both bettors and tipsters.

“Tipsters are highly experienced individuals who specialise in giving professional advice about a particular sport to help bettors make a return on their investment,” the company said.

It said that, for many bettors, joining Betting Gods proved to be a roaring success.

“With the support of Betting Gods’ tipsters, many have been able to turn their betting hobby into a full-time, highly profitable career. As a result, hundreds of rookies have avoided losing a lot of money on the way to success,” the company said.

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