Gourmet Today COVID-19 home survival issue out tomorrow with MaltaToday

The 58th edition of this high quality magazine is packed with nutritious recipes and takes a close look at some strategies for readers to keep physically and mentally healthy during isolation or social distancing

Gourmet Today home survival issue
Gourmet Today home survival issue

Gourmet Today magazine has been a reference point for Maltese home cooks with special emphasis on local produce and seasonality.

This issue delves into today’s trends towards health and is packed with nutritious feel-good recipes for spring and summer, plant-based meals, as well as healthy desserts thanks to our many contributing homecooks Daniel Pisani, David Fava and CJ Baldacchino.

Recipes from Gourmet Challenge’s very own chefs Robert Cassar, Daniel Grech and Alain James Grech are also featured.

This edition also includes nutrition advice and informative health features from nutritionist Mariella Porter who contributes her advice on staying holistically healthy during this time whilst exercise specialist Dean Sciberras provides us with a home workout suitable for all levels and encourages readers to improve their lifestyle and general fitness from the comfort of their homes.  

Lockdown plans not going as envisioned? The Gordon Ramsey of fitness James Smith is here to give the reassurance not to beat yourself up.

Stay safe, stay well-nourished… we’ve got you covered.

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