Marsovin releases limited edition Cassar de Malte ‘Long Lees’

Malta’s premium winemaker Marsovin releases Long Lees limited edition of its coveted Cassar de Malte Brut sparkling wine

Malta’s premium winemaker Marsovin, has just released a Long Lees limited edition of its coveted Cassar de Malte Brut sparkling wine. 

Cassar de Malte is the only bottle fermented vintage quality sparkling wine produced in Malta using the original ‘traditional method’.  The Chardonnay grapes are handpicked from the winery’s private estate in Wardija specifically for the production of Cassar de Malte. 

Lees ageing is an integral part of the traditional method premium sparkling wines and it is this very process which makes these wines so special. The lees mainly consist of yeasts that have multiplied in the bottle and formed a deposit. By the end of the second fermentation, all of the sugars have been consumed and the yeasts gradually die and decompose. This process is known as autolysis, releasing molecules that are slowly transformed as they interact with those in the wine. 

Jeremy Cassar Marsovin’s CEO said: “We feel that the quality that we have achieved through this Long Lees ageing is an achievement in itself. It is very rewarding for the winery to see the results of this type of wine with its long lees ageing to have fared so well and still show so well after four plus years of bottle ageing.” 

The Cassar de Malte ‘Long Lees Ageing’ vintage 2014 was allowed to mature for a longer period of 48 months compared to the normal 17 months ageing on lees prior to disgorgement, giving this long lees edition a unique, rich and complex character. It is of a pale golden straw colour with a complex bouquet with notes of toasted bread, honey, ripe apples, candied fruit with an underlying subtle mineral hint. Its acidity keeps it fresh and crisp on the palate whilst still rich and full bodied with a refined natural sparkle and creamy mousse. 

Only 585 bottles have been released of the special wine which will be available for sales in selected outlets and from the Marsovin online shop 

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