Gourmet Challenge returns for Season 2 on TVM

Second season of Gourmet Challenge returns to TVM in October, as home cooks go head to head in another exciting cook-off!

Chef Daniel Grech, Chef Alain James Grech, finalists Llewwlyn Xerri and Thais Sampaio and Philippa Zammit
Chef Daniel Grech, Chef Alain James Grech, finalists Llewwlyn Xerri and Thais Sampaio and Philippa Zammit

The Gourmet team is back in the kitchen!

TVM has confirmed that Gourmet Challenge will be returning to screens for a second season. In October 2020, the show will see aspiring home cooks going head to head in another exciting cook-off.

Preparations for the brand new season are in full swing, and the team is on the hunt for talented home cooks.

The culinary competition places home cooks against one another, in a series of nail-biting, fast-paced, cooking challenges.

Starting in October and airing at 6:30pm on Thursdays, audiences will see two out of 32 participants stepping into the Gourmet kitchen to showcase their varied skills.

During the first phase of the competition, which will take place over the first 16 weeks, the home-cooks must create their signature dishes, utilising five ingredients they chose at an earlier stage. At the end of each and every episode, the cook with the least number of points will be eliminated, while the other will be promoted to the second phase.

During the second phase, Chef Daniel Grech and Chef Alain James Grech will see their dishes being replicated by the remaining 16 participants. Here, the contestants must use their skills to primarily, identify the dish and secondarily, race against the clock to re-create it. The panel of judges will then determine who will be moving on to the third phase and subsequently, who will be sent home.

Eight home cooks will make it to the third and toughest phase of the competition: the mystery box challenge. The aim is to prepare a delicious dish from a motley mix of ingredients, chosen by the panel.

The final four then move on to the semi-finals. Here, they will be tackling the final challenges, with the hope of coming out on top and getting one step closer to being crowed the Gourmet Challenge star.

Gourmet Challenge Season two will be hosted by Gourmet Today editor Philippa Zammit and Chef Daniel Grech once again, with the addition of Chef Alain James Grech seated at the judges table. The programme will also feature guest appearances by well-known chefs and personalities.

To apply, contact Philippa on +356 9983 5860 or send an email with your details to [email protected]