Gourmet Challenge: Malta’s new culinary face-off is looking for its next star

Can you handle the heat in the Gourmet Challenge kitchen?

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16 aspiring chefs and home cooks go head to head in Malta’s most exciting cooking face-off: the Gourmet Challenge.

Get ready to tune in to TVM every Thursday evening at 6:30pm as our chefs and home cooks compete against each other to reach the Gourmet Challenge final and be crowned the star of Gourmet Challenge.

Over four phases, the participants will be paired up against each other, and presented with a special mystery box selected by our judges.

By the end of the programme, the three judges will assess both participants based on presentation, their capabilities, flair and culinary expertise.

Those with the highest number of points will move on to the next phase of the programme, bringing them that much closer to winning a number of attractive prizes.

After a series of challenges, mystery boxes and nerve-wracking eliminations, the finale sees the two final chefs go head to head, where the winner will be crowned the Gourmet Challenge star!

Do you (or someone you know) have what it takes?

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