Three-cheese spinach and mushroom quiche

A rich meal packed with flavour that takes full advantage of several cheeses


  • 8-10 eggs (depending on size of eggs) 
  • 2 containers soured cream
  • 2 containers double cream 
  • 2 tbsp dried tarragon or fresh thyme and dill
  • A handful fresh parsley, chopped 
  • 225g of 3 different cheeses

Use two hard cheeses and one soft creamy cheese. I used an aged cheddar, havarti and gruyere.

  • 2 cups fresh spinach
  • 2 cups button mushrooms, cooked 
  • 2 cups diced gammon, optional  
  • Extra dill to garnish
  • Savoury shortcrust pastry 


  1. Brush bottom of pan with oil, dust with flour. Roll out dough in an irregular circle and fit it loosely into the pan with enough overhang to create a hand crimped edge.
  2. Blend together at high speed in a food processor half the soured cream, eggs, double cream and herbs. You will have to remove the blended ingredients to a bowl or even a large pitcher, whilst you whir together the remaining cream and eggs. 
  3. Begin to layer cheeses, spinach, mushrooms and either ladle or pour some of the egg  mixture to cover before repeating the process. Try to end with the egg mixture.
  4. Add a few sprigs of fresh dill or thyme. 
  5. Loosely cover only the crimped edges with aluminum foil and carefully place pan  in a pre- heated oven at 225oC for about 40- 50 minutes. 
  6. All the baking takes place in the last 15 minutes - so cover the entire quiche loosely with foil when you begin to see a hint of browning. Quiche is done when there is a bit of a springy resistance in the middle. 
  7. Allow quiche to “ rest” consolidate, and cool a bit for best results. Oilier cheeses such as cheddar may leave a shine on top of quiche that can be easily blotted away with paper kitchen towels.