For the love of food | Misto

There is no doubt in my mind that you too have found yourself aimlessly walking through Sliema with a group of friends or that special somebody when hunger strikes and a decision to stop somewhere and grab a bite to eat is taken.

You decide to head down to the Ferries when you’re suddenly faced by an endless street of coffee shop upon coffee shop. Then comes the inevitable disagreement on what you feel like eating, “pizza” is the first to be yelped out,  “no I’m on a diet” retorts somebody who clearly is not on a diet, as they then suggest a big plate of pasta. A vote for steak or fish soon follows and before you know it your right back where you started: nowhere. 

This is where Misto helps to solve this common problem. Not only is their menu vast but it’s good! Ranging from sandwiches, salads, fresh pasta dishes, pizzas and an a la carte menu including starters, a main course of fish or meat and a dessert there really is something for everybody. Misto have also started a number of platters to share making the restaurant double as a wine bar, the ideal location for a bit of a romantic getaway in the evening. 

From start to finish, the food was very good. The best way to review this restaurant was to have a Tapas approach, as there was so much being offered. This way we could have little tastes of everything. This might worry some restaurateurs but not Jesmond Grech, as he began serving us all sorts of delicious dishes.

Starting off with a Parma and mozzarella salad we quickly moved on to a mix of fresh fish ravioli and ravioli al coniglio (rabbit) which were both very fresh and tasty. Just as we begin to relax and say how satisfied we are with the overall quality and quantity, we see Grech heading our way with two steaks cooked to perfection. Funnily enough, upon viewing the steak, our appetite quickly comes back… and the assault begins. 

On top of us sits a George Bernard Shaw quote: “There is no love sincerer than the love of food” embedded in a prominent place along the wall. This is something Grech holds close to his heart. Grech started out as a pastry chef who then extended his experience to a variety of different realms of cooking. When he joined Misto it was merely a café, serving a few snacks with no real distinction between that and the other 15 cafes that line the street. Grech had great plans for the place and embarked upon a journey that would revolutionise the menu and see Misto become a fully-fledged restaurant.  

All in all Misto has a huge variety to offer to any type of clientele. They even host a WIFI VIP area inside, making it the ideal place to impress a business client as wine and finger foods are provided at a minimal fee. So whether you are looking for a business lunch, a quick grab to eat or a nice romantic meal for two, Misto will not disappoint.

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