Wine: Marsovin releases new vintage of ‘Artist Edition’

1919 concept combines culture of wine with art, representing the marriage and long history between Marsovin and the arts

The Marsovin Winery released the 2020 vintage of its ‘Artist Edition’ wine range, 1919, the year the founder of Marsovin, Chevalier Anthony Cassar, established his roots in the wine business.

Marsovin has a long-standing reputation as a winery that firmly supports the Maltese art scene. The concept of 1919 combines the culture of wine with art, representing the marriage and long history between Marsovin and the local arts.

Every year a Maltese artist is commissioned to create three paintings, which are used as the main feature on the labels of the 1919 white, rosé and red wines. This is the 17th vintage which the winery has released, having featured paintings of renowned Maltese artists by:

Debbie Caruana Dingli, Kenneth Zammit Tabona, Andrew Diacono, Gabriel Caruana, James Vella Clark, Andrew Micallef, Celia Borg Cardona, Denis Borg Milo, Selina Scerri, Mark Mallia, Catherine Cavallo, Rupert Cefai, Richard Saliba, Victoria Tonna and Mark England.

The 2020 vintage labels feature paintings from Andrew Borg, who after visiting the Marsovin Estates, took inspiration from the landscapes and colours at different times of the day, naming the paintings Żerniq, Nofsinhar and Għabex for the rosé, white and red, respectively.

“Every vintage is a new discovery with the creation of a new vintage and a set of paintings specifically designed and painted by our artist of choice. This year we are delighted to have Andrew Borg with us to adorn the 1919 labels with his art. His style, passion and appreciation for the arts and the culture of wine made him a perfect choice for our 1919 labels,” said Marsovin CEO Jeremy Cassar.

“I have tried to blend the ingredients which Marsovin 1919 wine descents from to achieve its individuality, so I have chosen a typical Maltese terrain backdrop, coupled with our climate colours that nourish the grapes, and time of day I associate with each of the red, rose and white wines. It has been an honour to be associated with this initiative by Marsovin,” Maltese artist Andrew Borg said.