After work drinks at the trendy Broadside Terrace

When dining, or even just grabbing a couple of drinks at this stellar eatery in St.Julian's, you’re entitled to free parking, with no limits

Our absolute favourite season has arrived and we could not be more ready to embrace the pleasantly warm summer evenings, sipping refreshing cocktails and feasting on a selection of Mediterranean meze. Too specific? That’s because the only place that springs to mind is Broadside Terrace.

I’m getting ahead of myself. Allow me to walk you through a Broadside Terrace experience. My guest and I decided it would be fitting (and completely deserved), if we were to book a table at Broadside Terrace, for some after work beverages and snacks. Without so much as a whiff of hesitation, we booked Broadside Terrace for a wide variety of reasons. Firstly, it’s located in the heart of St Julian’s, and yet is seemingly miles away from any noise or commotion. Surrounded by stunning sea-views and the odd person going for a stroll, Broadside Terrace truly is a beautiful, hidden gem.

I know what you’re thinking: St Julian’s is not exactly known for it’s ample empty parking spots. Well, I’ve got a solution for you. Not only is there no need for you to repeatedly hunt the St Julian’s sidestreets for parking spaces, but you need not set an alarm on your phone to move your car immediately either. When dining, or even just grabbing a couple of drinks at this stellar eatery, you’re entitled to free parking, with no limits.

The second the clock struck 5:30pm, my guest and I looked at each other, with a common understanding. Happy Hour at Broadside Terrace was happening and we had concrete plans on being the first couple of people to order a couple of their signature cocktails.

The almost too trendy for the likes of me resto-lounge offers a selection of food and drinks, so we thought it best to sample a little of it all, for the sake of research. We left our drink orders in the hands of their team of expert mixologists, as we asked for some of their very best signature cocktails. With a cheeky grin, the staff brought over a Not For Everyone, an impressive drink with gin, pimm’s, peppermint, liqueur, fresh lemon juice, rose bitter and tonic water, perfect for those who savour and appreciate the unusual, A Blue Monday, fitting considering we visited the place on a Monday afternoon, which includes gin, cherry brandy, fresh lemon juice, blue caracao and bitter lemon. This one was inspired by the shimmering sea.

Glancing over at the setting sun, with our feet tapping lightly to the relaxing music, our thirst quenched by the delicious, sweet cocktails, and yet, something was missing. How could we forget? FOOD! We started off with the classic: Mediterranean Meze, which is brought over on a complimentary basis when ordering mains. Served with chili oil and freshly baked, warm tandoori bread, we were definitely not disappointed. As for our main dishes, my guest ordered a grilled grouper steak, which is locally sourced, and I opted for the lamb kofta, which was perfectly paired with cumin and coriander.

As the sun finally called it a night, we ordered our second round of cocktails, as well as a lemon tart with forest berry compote and a tiramisu. In my defence, my mother always said it was crucial to order food when drinking alcohol and in my experience, whether I like it or not, my mother is always right. We ordered a Persian Passion, which is inspired by the screwdriver classic cocktail, which originated in the Persian gulf, with vodka, elderflower liqeur, and pupmkin puree and the Maltese Royale, which is essentially Bajtra and prosecco and not to mention, a delight for the taste buds!

As we sipped our final sips, we decided to call it a night though if I were permitted to, I would have gladly spent the next few hours admiring the view and tranquility of the place. Making use of our government vouchers, the staff informed us that if we use €60 worth of vouchers, they would give us €20 credit, which can be used at any of the Corinthia St George’s Bay outlets on our next visit. If we use €75 worth, we would receive not one but two entrances to the Lido at St George’s Bay, worth €25 each.

With grins stretching from ear to ear, we said goodnight and promised to be back sooner rather than later!

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