Marsovin exports award-winning wine La Valette White to France

Marsovin Winery is exporting the award-winning wine La Valette White to Systeme U, a French retailer cooperative with over 1,000 hypermarkets and supermarkets across France

After winning the Bronze Medal in the Best Wine Awards 2021, well-established retailer Systeme U expressed interest in Marsovin’s La Valette, a well-established wine in Malta.

First launched in 1964 with a label designed by the prestigious artist Emvin Cremona, the wine has remained a favourite amongst many Maltese.

La Valette White is produced with locally grown Chardonnay, Trebbiano, Moscato and Girgentina grapes from family-owned vineyards across Malta, and is classified as an I.G.T Maltese Islands White wine.

“As Maltese wine producers, we are extremely proud that a retailer with over 1000 establishments across France has chosen to sell our product. It is a great achievement for us as we continue to put our small country on the wine map in such a prestigious wine making country such as France,” said Marsovin CEO Jeremy Cassar.

Marsovin produces an extensive selection of Maltese wine, with many prestigious wines such as Grand Maitre, Marnisi, and Primus.

For the Cassar family, La Valette is a historic wine which the winery is very proud of, especially now that the quality of this wine is also being appreciated by one of the top wine making countries in the world, France.