A new flavourful experience in St.Julian's

The XARA Collection’s latest culinary experience ROSAMI is located within the historic building of The Villa, an imposing, 19th century palazzo, what used to be the summer residence of one of Malta’s leading 20th century industrialists and one of the oldest structures in the Balluta area

Rosamí is a brand-new, produce-driven modern-dining restaurant that celebrates breaking down the walls of fine-dining idealism. It is an exceptional space to experience exquisite flavours, fragrance and a feast for all the senses. The name Rosamí is inspired by the delicate and majestic nature of the ‘Rose’, and the word ‘Amí’, which signifies the celebration of friendship.

At The Xara Collection, they pride themselves on delivering curated moments and events through all restaurants. The menu at Rosamí, prepared by a team of young passionate chefs led by Cliff Borg, merges inspiration from their childhood memories, personal experiences, travels and love of food. Chef Cliff Borg, is a chef with a passion for experimenting with flavours and colours to create extraordinary dishes. The dishes are created using the freshest produce from Xara Gardens, and from a variety of other local suppliers. The ingredients are then paired together in a distinctive way to entice conversation amongst guests.

Due to the natural ingredients, the menu is altered relatively frequently depending on the seasonal produce that is grown. The culinary team is proud to present four distinct menus for guests to choose between: Stem, Petal, Bulb or Leaf. These menus are paired with the finest wines and the most unique cocktails. The items feature a delicious selection of dishes such as Red Snapper with Burratina and Nduja Haricot Ragout alongside plenty of vegetarian options such as Celeriac with Autumn Vegetables as well as Verjus and Truffle.

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