Marsovin unveils new magnum bottles

Marsovin is thrilled to announce the release of five new magnum bottles of wine in April, expanding its collection to a sumptuous total of ten bottles

The magnum collection
The magnum collection

Marsovin, renowned for its premium quality wines, proudly presents the latest addition to its collection - the New Magnum Bottles of Wine.

Crafted with meticulous care, these bottles are designed to cater to wine enthusiasts, those who love to entertain or dine in larger numbers. In addition to Primus, Grand Maître, Cassar De Malte, 100th Anniversary and the 101 Brut Rosé wine that are all bottled in magnum bottles, Marsovin has introduced magnum bottles to the range of 1919 wines as well as Antonin. Magnum bottles of wine are synonymous for superior ageing potential and quality as they offer unique features that set them apart from traditional-sized bottles.

The double volume of magnum bottles requires more time to mature, resulting in a complex and refined taste that harmonises and evolves over time. In addition to their exquisite taste, magnum bottles of wine make a statement at any gathering and serve as the perfect gift. The larger volume provides enhanced insulation, making them less vulnerable to temperature fluctuations.

Additionally, the extended ageing period ensures that the exceptional quality of the wine remains uncompromised. Whether it's a celebration or an intimate gathering, the new magnum bottles of wine by Marsovin are the perfect choice.

Each of these Marsovin special releases embodies the craftsmanship and dedication of their esteemed team of winemakers. A limited number of bottles have been produced and will be sold through Marsovin Cellars, boutique wine shops and select restaurants.