A taste of Asia in all its elements at TemptAsian

TemptAsian, the fusion restaurant of Asian cuisine, situated on the ninth floor of the 5-Star hotel The Palace, will bring a new dining experience with a series of four themed events in four months.

TemptAsian are putting together four themed nights of Earth, Water, Air and Fire
TemptAsian are putting together four themed nights of Earth, Water, Air and Fire

In collaboration with The Definitive(ly) Good Guide to Restaurants in Malta and Gozo, TemptAsian has created a la carte menu based on traditional dishes from all over Asia including India, China, Japan, Malaysia, Bali and Singapore amongst others.  

The first themed-event will be held on 27 January, consisting of a selection of beef, pork and lamb. This exceptional eatery under the theme "Earth", promises to be a memorable taste sensation.

The themed event "Water" to take place on 24 February, will be translated into a fish night with an Eastern twist. This dining experience is centred around fish as the main ingredient but with a variety of options of the freshest seafood and assorted condiments with an emphasis on the Eastern influences.

The  "Air" themed event on 30 March focuse on a variety of dishes that include bird meat, ranging from delicious chicken, although flightless, to quail.

Curry for those with strong taste buds with spice up the "Fire" night on 27 April. A wide range of culinary delights include meat, fish and vegetables dishes and different exotic spices will be available on the night, along with an exotic range of succulent desserts.

Guests attending these events will get a wonderful experience tasting flavours of different cuisine. So indulge in Eastern fusion and exotic flavours, along with a fantastic view to complement the night. For reservations, contact The Palace on 21 333 444 or email at [email protected]. For more info, visit www.thepalacemalta.com and on www.restaurantsmalta.com.