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The humble burger has risen from its lowly ranks at the fast food joint to earn itself a place on many a gourmet menu. The trick to this popular fast food is superior ingredients. RACHEL AGIUS heads down to Just Burgers to find out why

Photography by Ray Attard
Photography by Ray Attard
Photography by Ray Attard
Photography by Ray Attard

Burgers have always been and will remain the ultimate fast food. The era of the disinterested part-time burger flipper may have ended – or at least been relegated to the realm of random midnight cravings, trips to the drive-thru made in a trench coat and dark glasses to avoid recognition – but the burger is an uncomplicated thing of beauty. In even the most upscale eateries, burgers are still, essentially, a chance to eat with your hands without getting weird looks. No fork or knife required. Even a plate is extraneous, if you skip out on the fries.

A burger’s structure, in its most undiluted and traditional form, is simple and elegant. Two pieces of bread become the boundaries of your handheld meal, keeping the ingredients in and your fingers out. Happily uncomplicated. 

Much like everything at Just Burger. The clean design is functional and fresh, a cross between mid-century American diner and Scandinavian sensibility, funneling diners towards the stainless steel service counter at the back. Diner-style seating means that big groups are comfortable and small ones can spread out. 

The menu is refreshingly straightforward. They do, in fact, do just burgers and their usual accompaniments. There are no complex descriptions or endless lists of ingredients. Still, that does not mean a lack of choice.  A salmon filet takes centre stage in the salmon burger. Unadulterated by overcooking or unnecessary condiments, it was a perfectly Scandinavian take on a decidedly American tradition. 

For the vegetarian, the halloumi burger and chickpea burger offer an unusual but tasty meat alternative. And speaking of veg, the freshness of the tomato and lettuce work wonders on the overall burger experience. Not a soggy leaf or lackluster crunch in sight. 

Let’s be honest though – a burger is, traditionally, a meat-based dish. So I felt it crucial, in the interest of the integrity of this review, to taste the meatiest burger they had on offer. This came in the form of a bacon and cheeseburger, topped neatly with a lightly browned bun. Try as I might, I could find no fault with it. The bacon was crispy and the cheese was a pleasingly rich yellow colour – no insipid cheese slices here. 

The patty was, quite rightly, the star of the show. Cooked to a medium colour (good practice that is sadly hard to find on our island), it offered a filling, juicy bite that worked well with the saltiness of the bacon and the warm gooiness of the melted cheese. Overall, a burger aficionado would feel right at home pulling a chair up to this one.

Behind every great burger is a stack of fries complementing the food experience. And though they may play second fiddle to the main event, there are standards for the cut and cooked potatoes too. At Just Burger, they were the perfect platform for the variety of dipping sauces on offer. Try the Roquefort dip for a cheesy flavour explosion or the chilli salsa for a more fiery kick. The fries themselves were not overly salty – an important consideration given that you’ll be combining them with a number of other flavours. 

Essentially. Just Burger really does do what it says on the tin. Well-made burgers and fries, sure to cure any fast food craving with quality ingredients and generous portions, with no fuss and no frills. And in focusing all their efforts on just the one dish, Just Burger have honed their craft and created something worth returning to again and again. 

Just Burger

Ball Street, Paceville

Tel: 27041511

Email: [email protected]

Web: www.justburger.co