Sinful, comforting eating | Star Fish Bar

Bang in the middle of the winter months, there’s nothing quite as warming as some good old English comfort food. And Star Fish Bar gets British comfort right – perfect fish and chips, complete with mushy peas, soups, pies and their saveloy sausage.

But what really gets us this time around is their deep fried Mars or Snickers bars!

After a meal of fried fish and chips, probably the last thing you need is deep-fried chocolate but that crispy fried batter surrounding the melted chocolate and oozy caramel is just too difficult to resist. If winter is good for anything it is to cover up the evidence of those extra calories and this is certainly well worth it!

Star Fish and Chips opened its doors on The Strand in Gzira, earlier in summer to rave reviews by English foodies who claim that “Malta is now complete” for having a fish and chip shop worthy of standards set by the home of fish and chips – the UK.

Everything sold is imported directly from England, from the fryers themselves to each and every ingredient (except the potatoes for the chips, and the salt). The fryers are specialised, increasing temperatures to above those reached by average chip fryers, resulting in perfectly crispy batter while the fish is steamed underneath and remains soft and moist. 

Cod, haddock and plaice, fish varieties typically sold at a fish and chip shop in the UK, are caught in the Atlantic and frozen within hours of being caught. There are even mushy peas, curry sauces and mashed potatoes! The menu also features chicken and sausages, particularly the famous Saveloy sausage

With the cold having set in, Star Fish and Chips has prepared a variety of delicious pies and soups to get diners through those dark and dreary days. From peppered steak to meat and potatoes, one of these mouth-watering parcels – wrapped in either puff pastry, shortcrust pastry or both – will be the best thing you unwrap this festive period. Classics like chicken, pea and bacon, and oxtail soup are also available to chase the winter blues (and perhaps that nagging cold) away.

A year-round winner is the deep fried Mars or Snickers bar. A word of caution – there is a picture of this dish underneath the word ‘sinful’ in the dictionary.