Discover Dingli's traditions at The Cliffs

Today's diners have become more concerned about where the food they are eating comes from. They want organic produce and they want to know where it comes from. The Cliffs Interpretation Centre in Dingli offers diners the opportunity to see learn where their meals come from and best of all go out of their way to reduce food miles to almost nothing. 

Today’s culinary trends are gearing more towards the way our grandparents ate. They knew where their food came from, what was seasonal and the traditions that surround the food that gave them life. The Cliffs Interpretation Centre allows their visitors to become familiar with the way of life, emotion and experiences of the locals and their surrounding environment, disseminating information on the native environment, history, cultural practices, landmarks, local, fresh produce of Dingli Cliffs and the surroundings.

The notion of The Cliffs Interpretation Centre originates from a local family with several direct links to the history and traditions of the local village and particularly Dingli Cliffs. The late Louis Muscat owned the central village bar and bakery, which was also used in the previous century as a gathering place where books were narrated to the illiterate. La Pinta Ltd, continued on the same steps and is the first company offering a combination of innovative methods of information dissemination and local food products. 

For the last four and a half years, The Cliffs has fulfilled its meaning as an interpretation centre; that of distributing knowledge on natural heritage, through different and interactive means of communication to stimulate understanding and raise awareness. 

The gastronomical experience of food served at The Cliffs highlights the use of seasonal flora in the making of hearty meals. The taste of Dingli’s gastronomical tradition is amalgamated to the historical and cultural traditions retained by the locals with all staff hailing from surrounding areas, thus keeping traditions alive. 

One such tradition is the use of wild edible flowers in its daily gastronomical practices. Around 1,000 distinctive wild plants dot the Maltese countryside, and several of them have culinary value. Local plants that are seasonally processed at the kitchen of The Cliffs include borage, stinging nettles, wild asparagus, wild fennel, saffron, carob, quince, azalore, pomegranate and capers, amongst others. Through the varied menu, visitors can appreciate the natural heritage of the Dingli countryside. 

The Cliffs also aims to revive past traditions. Traditionally used as a medicine, the quince fruit has been used to make a unique chutney not available anywhere else on the island. The local gbejniet are provided by the only shepherd roaming Dingli Cliffs with his livestock. A miniature kitchen garden is also housed within The Cliffs Centre, attesting to local and organic produce. Reminiscent of Maltese rural traditions is the qanniċ, a ventilated box used to air-dry local produce such as gbejniet and sundried tomatoes. 

Several sweet produce, herbs and savoury delicatessen are available for sale. The jams and preserves fuse history, culture and the local aspects of Dingli Cliffs, while the savoury produce is typical of the Dingli countryside. The herbs and spices, which provide unique flavour to foods, are native to the Mediterranean and have a particular culinary history.


The tours organised by The Cliffs Interpretation Centre are targeted to develop and uphold environmental and socio-cultural awareness. Visitors are informed of the ecological diversity and cultural heritage of Dingli Cliffs, in an appealing and memorable experience. 

A number of different tours and trails are available. A tour starts with an interactive audio-visual presentation featuring The Cliffs Trail and a hands-on explanation of the seasonal local produce of Dingli Cliffs. Visitors can follow the trail on their own in a self-guided walk or else explore the trail in a guided walk with local professional personnel. The Cliffs Interpretation Centre offers an authentic experience to visitors, updating them with the current nature, cultural and historical elements of Dingli Cliffs. 

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