Interview | A taste of Italy

We speak to chefs Adam De Manuele and Claudio Trovato of Dolce Vita and TrattoriaSUD, which provide a uniquely Italian experience on Spinola Bay.

Why the name La Dolce Vita?

The phrase ‘la dolce vita’ conjures up images of Rome, of the carefree Italian lifestyle – so beautifully captured by Fellini in his epic film of the same name. The name was purposely chosen to project a lifestyle concept of excellent cuisine served in a vibrant and fashionable ambiance.

How did the restaurant come to be?

La Dolce Vita restaurant originally opened in 1981 and is situated in the heart of Spinola Bay, one of the prettiest and most fashionable areas in Malta. The bay takes its name from Spinola Palace, which lies directly behind the restaurant. The Palace was built by Fra Paolo Raffaele Spinola in 1688, and is by far the most significant historical building in St Julian’s.

Late in 2006, the owners decided to give the restaurant a complete makeover, and the whole place was totally redesigned. The new focus was placed on upgraded Italian cuisine, guest comfort, privacy and reserved charm. The dining rooms are situated on two floors, each floor seating approximately 100 guests.

Two terraces, affording beautiful views of the bay, are also a fantastic fair weather feature. It is it is our objective to establish La Dolce Vita as the benchmark of Italian cuisine in the Maltese Islands.

Tell us more about the tantalising menu.

The menu is based on traditional Italian cuisine and given modern overtures, which makes it dynamic and innovative. It is revised at every change of season and is made up of carefully considered dishes featuring seasonal ingredients, guaranteeing the utilization of the freshest components, which will in turn add flavour to the dish and make it even more authentic.

The particular attention to detail and superior service offered by our highly trained team will further enhance the experience. That extra touch is added to make it even more distinctive.

TrattoriaSUD offers genuine traditional Mediterranean cuisine, conveying the pleasure of savouring these classic, unaltered dishes at easily accessible prices, whilst still maintaining the principle of preparation with the highest quality components.

La Dolce Vita is open Monday to Sunday from 19:00 to 23:30.

TrattoriaSUD is open Tuesday to Sunday from 19:30 to 23:30 for dinner and Sunday lunch from 12:30 to 14:30.

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