Cocktails and sea views at Corinthia St. George's Broadside Terrace

The best way to de-stress in the summer is to sit by the sea with a cocktail in hand. Whether it’s to get your weekend started or just to wind down after a busy day, the Broadside Terrace at the Corinthia Hotel St. George’s Bay has everything you need to recharge and refresh. AMY MICALLEF DECESARE takes an average Tuesday night and transforms it into the highlight of her week. 

Broadside Terrace needs no introduction. Located on the grounds of Corinthia Hotel St. George’s Bay, this eye-catching lounge bar is the absolute perfect place to unwind and wash away the stresses of the week… or in my case, the stress of the early week.

On a seemingly average Tuesday evening, I made my way down to Broadside Terrace, to have a chat (and who knows, maybe even a cocktail or two) with Giuseppe Carneli, head bartender and mixologist, though he’s not too fond of the term. Little did I know that my ‘average’ Tuesday evening would transform into my new favourite day of the week. 

Giuseppe Carneli
Giuseppe Carneli

Having spent the last few years at Sakagura, one of the most highly-regarded, fine-dining, Japanese-style restaurants in London, Giuseppe knows exactly what he’s doing and he’s cutting no corners. Despite never having had the opportunity to visit the country, Giuseppe always felt a profound connection with Japanese culture, one that was nurtured and emphasised during his time at Sakagura. He spent his time absorbing every minute detail like a sponge, inspired by the ways in which Japanese bartending is done, ranging from their eclectic style of cocktails to the calculated, awe-inspiring movements they make whilst shaking them. 

When asked if bartending was always his dream, Giuseppe chuckled. At the tender age of 14, he was working as a kitchen porter, back in his home town, in the south of Italy. Even then, he was mesmerised by the ways in which cappuccinos were made and often spent his break-times begging the men at the bar to teach him how to froth the milk perfectly. Giuseppe has since graduated to bigger and better positions but never lost that spark he had as a little boy; the overwhelming desire to learn and express himself by means of creating. Some play an instrument, some excel in prose or poetry; Giuseppe’s true calling is that of taking a run of the mill gin and tonic and elevating it to the point where, with one sip, you’re at a loss for words. 

His passion grew, as did his love for bartending and Japanese culture. The only thing that didn’t grow was his love, or lack thereof, for London weather. When offered the opportunity to move to Malta, he seized it like I would have done with the last slice of cake. Reminiscent of the climate in southern Italy, Malta fit him perfectly and we are lucky it did.  

Once on the island, Giuseppe was essentially given free reign over the drinks menu and thus, the Broadside Terrace cocktail menu was brought to life. With 12 signature, Japanese-inspired cocktails, all of which have been created from scratch, this menu is definitely one to boast about. My guest and I ordered six. Yes, you read that correctly… six. Leaving it in Giuseppe’s very capable hands, we asked for his top recommendations. He refused. That is exactly what makes Giuseppe, as well as his cocktails, so special. He wanted to know what our preferences were, what our all-time favourite drink was and whether or not we were willing to dash all our pre-conceived notions. Completely willing, we gave him the answers he was looking for and he, with our preferences in mind, concocted some of the most indescribably fresh and delicious cocktails we have ever had the pleasure of drinking. 

If you’re under the impression that it’s just a tailor-made cocktail you’ll be getting at Broadside Terrace, you’re sorely mistaken. Though, admittedly, that is a great reason to visit, you’d be delighted to know that their cocktail masterpieces are rivalled only by their food offering of the finest cuts of meat, cooked on an open air woodchip grill, seafood and light yet delectable treats and bites.

Photo: Brian Grech
Photo: Brian Grech
Photo: Brian Grech
Photo: Brian Grech

Therefore, it is without a hint of hesitation that I urge you to pause that episode you’re watching, forget any ideas you had of that microwavable dinner and head down to Broadside Terrace, preferably before sunset and make your week (and in my case Tuesday) that much more bearable.


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