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Celebrate this year's festive season with an array of tempting cuisine and a magical atmosphere that would make your holidays truly unforgettable

Everyone loves a bit of a feast over the Christmas period. Not everyone, however enjoys preparing it. The Marina Hotel Corinthia Beach Resort is the perfect option if you’re not getting excited about the piles of dirty dishes that are bound to accumulate over the festive period. AMY MICALLEF DECESARE has the low down. 

It’s that time of year again. A time for giving, spending precious quality time with loved ones… and consuming your weight in turkey. The one thing that puts a dampener on all the Christmas cheer? Slaving away in the kitchen for days, only to spend a week (or two) scrubbing 250 dirty dishes and eating leftovers.

Not to fear! The Marina Hotel has swooped in to save the day. With such a vast choice of venues and events to choose from, you could spend from dawn to dusk eating and dancing your way from Christmas Eve till New Year’s Day and not have even scratched the surface of what’s on offer this year.

Hold on to your coats and scarves ladies and gentlemen, this is going to be good. It’s just before Christmas Eve and you haven’t yet finished your Christmas shopping. What a travesty! (Not to worry, you’re not alone) Before the panic sets in, stop by Café 24 and indulge in that warm German stollen and a glass of mulled wine. Go on, you deserve it.

Christmas cake and cookies at Cafe' 24
Christmas cake and cookies at Cafe' 24

Once the shopping is done, the presents are wrapped and the mince pies are decorated, it’s time to look forward to sitting back, relaxing and feasting (and maybe undoing that top button).

First up on the festive calendar: Christmas eve. 

There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who live for the late night/early morning Christmas eve breakfast and those who would rather opt for a huge evening feast. I personally form part of the former team as it means you’re that much closer to the socially acceptable time for the ripping open of Christmas presents. Lucky for everyone, Marina Hotel caters for both teams.

Alongside stunning views of St George’s Bay, the Bayview restaurant offers a vast selection of salumerie, no less than 18 kinds of freshly baked bread and pastries, as well as roast leg of gammon, beef and Cumberland sausages, homemade mince pies and fresh fruit. They even have a little something for those of you who are fully committed to not gaining an extra 5kg this Christmas.

Breakfast is served between midnight and 3am, meaning that by the time you’ve finished off our sautéed garlic mushrooms, you just might be allowed to open that one gift you’ve been eyeing all week.

If it’s a Christmas eve dinner buffet you’re after, Bayview hasn’t forgotten you. Served between 7pm and 10:30pm and featuring live music, as well as an array of delicious options, ranging from cold cuts to roast turkey crown to pastries, flans and gateaux, I fail to understand why you haven’t yet called to make a booking. 

Next up: Christmas day. This is the one you’ve all been waiting for, folks!

Your needs and desires have been recognised by Marina Hotel and therefore, whether it’s a ginormous, delectable Christmas lunch buffet you and your family are looking forward to or a more civilized, sit-down a la carte meal, yet again they’ve got you covered. 

Christmas Lunch at Vinotheque Bistro
Christmas Lunch at Vinotheque Bistro

Served from 12:30pm till 3pm at Vinotheque Bistro, the a la carte meal is just what you need to set the mood right if delicious food in a relaxed, stylish environment is what you’re looking for. What’s more, judging by the weather we’re having, you may even find yourself sipping Prosecco on the outside terrace. If that isn’t the true meaning of happiness I don’t know what is.

Christmas dessert at Vinotheque
Christmas dessert at Vinotheque

Just when you thought you have consumed all that you’re capable of consuming, New Year rears its head.

Time to break out the ginger tea, your digestive system is not off the hook just yet!

Again, Bayview cuts no corners with its New Year’s Eve dinner buffet. With something for everyone, Bayview offers a wide selection of options, each one more enticing than the last, including a never-ending list of freshly prepared Italian-style antipasti, fish, prawns and mussels, beef wellington, duck confit and special New Year’s themed sweets. 

Vinotheque, on the other hand, offers a set menu of closed pressed duck terrine, sea bass or beef fillet and Mediterranean prawn and seafood ravioli (as well as a New Year’s Delight… but I don’t want to ruin the surprise). 

Time is of the essence however, as there are only two seating times available so you’d better get cracking!

Your food coma has subsided and the last thing you want to do is go home? Vinotheque Clients can join in the party atmosphere of Bayview. Continue the party and boogie your way right into 2018, all the while with your mind at rest, knowing that your car is parked for free just a few metres down the road.

We’re almost there, I promise.

New Year’s Day swings around and what better way to spend the first day of the year than feasting… yet again? You might as well give into it at this point. Here are your options: a buffet lunch served at Bayview between 1pm and 3pm, an à la carte meal, served between 12:30pm and 3pm at Vinotheque, and just in case you were in the mood for a little Italian flair, there’s Da Marina Cucina Italiana too. Dine al fresco on the beautiful terrace overlooking the bay, or in the stylish restaurant for Christmas Day or New Year’s Day, or both (why not?) as they offer a mouth-watering array of antipasti and mains.

And just like that, 2018 is upon us. Just think of all the time, effort, hassle and dirty dishes you’ve saved, simply by spending a magical Christmas at Marina Hotel.


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