The future is here… service at the touch of a button

In a world where electronic communication is the order of the day, you’d expect that touch-of-a-button service would have made an earlier appearance in the restaurant industry. The Gourmet Today team heads over to Blue Elephant for dinner and drinks and is absolutely delighted with the stellar service thanks to Blue Elephant’s wireless calling system powered by is the wireless calling service that lets your staff know when customers need attention at a single touch of a button is the wireless calling service that lets your staff know when customers need attention at a single touch of a button

Are you familiar with the situation when you’re on a night out and you spend more time trying to catch the waiter’s eye than to catch up with your friends? This has happened to the Gourmet Today team many a time when we meet up for those end-of-issue, wind down drinks. 

We are delighted to learn that this does not always have to be the case. The future is here and when you need service all you have to do is… press a button from Servizo? Could it really be that easy? 

Your guarantee in instant customer service
Your guarantee in instant customer service

Once you start getting those pre-dinner drinks down, there’s nothing worse than the wait, with an empty glass, until the next one comes. As we settled at our table at the Blue Elephant with our first drinks of the night we were thrilled with this little Servizo device that had us ringing the bell just before our drinks were finished so the next one came as soon as we polished off the first.

This is not only a great bit of technology for the drinker, but also for the foodie. Don’t you just hate it when you’re supposed to have decided what you want to eat and all you’ve done is natter to your besties without so much as glancing at the menu when the waiter arrives? How many times can you send the waiter away without being rude?

Thanks to Servizo’s wireless calling system you can take your time mulling over the menu, you can order an extra dish of rice when your waiter wasn’t expecting you to need anything, and slowly sip on after dinner drinks. When your ready to leave, you simply push the button and ask for the bill from your waiter who will receive an electronic signal on his wrist watch. 

If this system works so brilliantly at a restaurant, can you imagine how great this could be at a beach club? Searching for a waiter is almost impossible when you’re lying down trying to catch some rays! We were glad to hear that the Servizo technology is also in place at some of Malta’s top beach clubs – Hilton, Café del Mar, Radisson Blu Resort, Intercontinental, Corinthia and Baia Beach, just to mention a few. 

Feeling pretty wintered out already, we are looking forward to more Gourmet Today get-togethers when the days are warmer and we can sip at cocktails at our own pace whilst watching the sun go down, without wanting for food, drinks or service thanks to the wireless calling system powered by

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