Fra Martino at Corinthia St. George's Bay | A buffet Sunday worth shouting about

The choice of destination for Sunday lunch can be a tough decision to make. Fussy eaters, kids and genuine differences in taste have the whole family routing for different types of restaurants. Apart from your classic favourites, Fra Martino's buffet lunch also features a pasta station, an Indian corner and a local artisan table. A buffet lunch at the Corinthia means that everyone is happy 

I can bet anything that you’re sitting with your feet up, flicking through this magazine without a care in the world. Well, stop right there, sir (or madam!), I have a question for you.

What is the absolute last thing you feel like doing on a Sunday morning? Is cooking for your family up there on the list? If so, I have a solution for you and it goes by the name of Fra Martino. 

Situated bang in the middle of the stunning Corinthia Hotel, St George’s Bay, this award-winning restaurant has a couple of tricks up its sleeve; most notably, its family-friendly Sunday lunch buffet. 

As you may know, nine times out of 10, I wouldn’t get off my sofa for a buffet… let’s just say this is the exception you’ll want to make.

What makes this one a winner? Well, besides the fact that they are fully equipped with a state-of-the-art carvery station, featuring any and all meat your carnivorous heart desires, a fresh pasta bar and a delectable Indian corner, they also have… wait for it… popcorn and candy floss machines! Yes, I am fully aware that, as an almost 25-year-old, I shouldn’t be half as excited as I am, so let’s just say that your kids (who coincidentally eat for free if under the age of 12), will love it too! 

Did I mention that their dessert section features a chocolate fountain, with all the extras, including marshmallows and fresh strawberries? 

So how does the whole thing work? Simple. Start by cramming your entire family, kids and Nanna Nina into your vehicle. Head over to Corinthia Hotel. Avoid the headache of searching for a dreaded parking space (thanks to their three hours of complimentary parking) and make sure to take your seats by 1pm. Take a couple of minutes to mentally prepare for the onslaught of delicious food that is coming your way. Rise from your chair and dig in. Repeat process until 3:30pm or until your body calls it quits. 

If you, like me, think that all buffet food is synonymous with unseasoned mush and potato smileys (though the smileys do make an appearance in the kids’ section), think again my friend. The only thing you’ll be putting on your plate this Sunday at Fra Martino is delicious, freshly made pasta, tailor-made for you and only you, the best cuts of meat, the warmest of bread rolls and the tastiest of chicken curry. Oh and not to mention that all this is done to the sweet sound of quiet children, enthralled by the exciting animation they provide, as well as live music.

Not yet convinced? Make a booking. I dare you to prove me wrong. 


Fra Martino

Corinthia Hotel St. George's BaySt Julian’s

Tel: 21374114


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