Al fresco dining at Broadside Terrace

Beautifully located, surrounded by magnificent sea views, Broadside Terrace is the perfect escape to enjoy a few drinks or a pleasant dinner with family and friends

We’ve had a bizarre few weeks weather-wise, what with the ruin-your-hair gusts of wind and the more than occasional downpours. However, I think we’ve made it through the worst of times and can safely say that summer is here to stay!

To make things just a little bit sweeter, I’ve discovered an absolute gem on the grounds of Corinthia Hotel, St. George’s Bay: Broadside Terrace.

Looking to spend those warm, summer evenings sipping on a refreshing Aperol Spritz, feasting on a selection of Mediterranean meze (served with freshly baked tandoori bread), whilst watching the sun set? I don’t know about you, but I’m quite sure I just described the true definition of heaven. Did I mention the freshly baked tandoori bread? Moving on.

I made my way down to Broadside after a long and harrowing day, wanting nothing more than to ease the stress I had built up throughout the day. What better way to do so than with a Japanese Mojito, two or six Kalypso’s and a couple of Paloma 77’s, I wonder?

Before I knew it, the clock struck 8pm and the setting sun came hand in hand with rather intense hunger pangs. In addition to the tandoori bread (I give you permission to stop reading if I mention the bread one more time), Broadside Terrace offers a wide and delectable variety of all things meat and fish. Grilled king prawns? I’d like 2 portions. Oriental beef kebab? Absolutely, yes please. Lamb kofta followed by a trio of chocolate mousse? I dare you to stop me.

Not quite in the mood for a full-blown meal? Not to worry. You can just as easily grab a glass of wine from the bar, have a seat (spoiler alert: there’s even a hammock!) and fully absorb the breath-taking views till its past your bedtime.

Oh and did I happen to mention that all this could be done without a worry in the world, as Corinthia Hotel offers three hours of free parking just a few metres away? You’re waiting for the catch, aren’t you? Hand on heart, there isn’t one.

I left as happy as a clam, feeling rejuvenated, satisfied and rather tipsy and I can guarantee that you will too… so much so that you’ll undoubtedly be back the next day and probably the day after that.

Remember your old favourite summer hangout? Well, it’s about to be swiftly replaced by Broadside Terrace and for good reason. 


Broadside Terrace 

Corinthia Hotel St. George's BaySt Julian’s

Tel: 23700000

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