Carob Tree | New food court officially opens its doors in St. Julian's

One can now enjoy a selection of flavours in one space... Carob Tree food court is now open in the heart of St. Julian's, bringing together a curated selection of 11 restaurants

Al Solito Posto at Carob Tree food court
Al Solito Posto at Carob Tree food court

Carob Tree is a new curated food court with 11 kitchens and bars, located on the first floor of Spinola Park, next to the St. Julian’s Parish Church.Spinola Park was conceived to give all those people working in this space the opportunity to blend work and the rest of their time in a senseful way.

What Carob Tree aims to do is to give people the opportunity to feel this sense of comfort and serenity, and hence contribute towards making Spinola Park the space that the creators dreamt of when designing this project a few years ago.

Carob Tree will give guests the opportunity to enjoy a healthy salad or a plate of pasta. Diners will be able to enjoy Indian food, together with a selection of other Asian influenced dishes, or maybe dig into some amazing pizzas. Those that want to stay light can savour some fish tapas whilst the hungrier ones may choose from a selection of meats. The guests that love sushi can have this by the bar whereas if you want to quench your thirst, a craft beer on the terrace is priceless. As summer kicks in, few things may be better than a high-quality ice cream to freshen up. The unique identity of each restaurateur ensures that the food court is full of character, whilst the attention to detail with acoustics and light aim to enhance the experience of the guest.

The tables inside the food court are common to everyone, so guests can try a selection of these cuisines with friends on the table of their choice, whether inside or on the terrace.

Inside the food court, there is also a designated area called The Pod. Guests can expect this space to turn into a pop-up kitchen, a studio, a meeting room, an area available for team building and a space that will welcome some very cool and unique events and activities.

For the discerning young guests, Carob Tree has created a dedicated space to educate and entertain. The future foodies are certain to have a strong foundation considering this children’s activity area is so integrated with the rest of the food court.

"With over a thousand people working in these curated offices, a common and fundamental moment during the day is the point when people come together to eat and drink, whichever the time of the day," said by Chris De Micoli, Director and Founder of Carob Tree. “'Kisra ħobz taħt il-ħarruba', is a renowned Maltese expression and its translation is 'A slice of bread under the Carob Tree'. This connotation of coming together amongst friends to relax, have a word and grab a bite under the comfort of shade, is what inspired us for the Carob Tree Food Court. "